If there is anyone who personifies our ethos of balance on design perfection and functionality, it has to be Yiping. Precise and decisive, Yiping orchestrates projects on track and on schedule. She has built her body of work on modern, contemporary styles. Softer hues of neutral shades and thoughtful minimalism are prevalent in her portfolio. She imbues the homes of her clients with a characteristic sense of calm and beauty.

With years of experience, and her understanding and awareness of space and aesthetics, Yiping is on top of things effortlessly.



Nicole takes pride in her innate awareness towards her surroundings and interactions with clients. As a pro-active, responsible and sensible individual, Nicole focuses on user experience in her design approach and is quick to anticipates needs, problems and possible outcomes before it surfaces.

Armed with a background in Visual Design, Nicole applies her creativity, understanding of design principles and knowledge in colour psychology into creating purposeful interior spaces that are equally functional and aesthetically appealing.



DJ has a keen eye for details, her spatial judgement leads her to conceive ideas that are intricate and harmonious. She envisions for her homes to be functional yet visually appealing. Her genuine passion to create, develops her versatility to approach any spaces.

DJ emphasizes on the details as she believes – “The details are not the details. They make the design.”